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This is pretty damn nice.

You've got some solid art. The animation was great too (just one thing I noticed... the main character's shades blink). I can see you've really put a lot of work into this.

The voice acting was glorious. The voices were dynamic, flexible and, in my opinion, could easily work even for commercial projects.

The music, art, voice acting and dialogues put together create a lovely, stylish feel.

I love the general concept behind the storyline.

I don't like the execution and humor that much. I didn't laugh once, although I understood the humoristic elements. It was lacking on that side, as I see you tagged it as comedy. Also, I didn't find the plot twist at the end particularly interesting.

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Why did this make me laugh? Are art games really just pretentia and rip-off? Does repetitively asking questions like this make me look any deeper and edgier? When will I stop doing this? Will I? Will I not? Will you be angry at me if I don't? Why would you be? Because you actually liked those art games? Or because it's just damn annoying by itself? Will I suddenly jump to a philosophical looking question for no particular reason? Will doing so make me look even more sophisticated? Why are we here?

[awkward silence]

[the end]

...this is way too fun. And you, sir, did a splendid job. Kudos.


A puzzle game related to portals, gravity, momentum or whatever: CHECK
A character that's lying/keeping things from you: CHECK
You're a part of some sort of experiment: CHECK
In the end they want to kill you: CHECK
Unfitting, pretentious talk in the middle of things: CHECK

IT'S ALL THE SAME SHIT. Please, please try to be more original.

I liked the puzzle though. I wouldn't mind some bonus, actually difficult levels just to waste a few more hours of my life.


This is an interesting title in the world of indie art games.

I really like the art style, music, mysterious atmosphere. You chose elements that not only are beautiful and simple at the same time, but also fit together very well. You have a great aesthetic sense.

I love eerie and surreal things. We definitely need more art games with that feel. I tip my hat to you because of that.

The only thing I'm missing here is having writing with a deeper meaning. The whole thing felt kind of pretentious. Maybe it's my fault for not being able to appreciate "art for art's sake" properly, but the sort of art you presented really is much better when it hides a strong message.

Overall, it was beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you. Thank you!

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I am not going to repeat after the others, even though I share their view!

I'm not going to bore you with technical details. I suspect you got into the wrong mindset when mixing/mastering this song. You got into the mindset of making something fast, energetic, pumping. But this song is slower and moodier than that. It wants to breathe, it wants to sound natural, it wants to have the dynamics and timbre of the sounds intact. In fact, I think it wants those long, rich sounds to be the focus - loud, clear, but definitely not squished with compression. Chances are good that I'd use the drums more as color than as anything else, were I you.

happycrab responds:

thanks for the thoughtful review! Good observations that I'll use in the future!

So, uhh. I'm a little curious about what made you label it as funk. I can't find anything very funky about it. Funk emphasizes complex rhythmic patterns. Here, the drums are a banal four on the floor and the guitars pretty much only hit the accents. No swing, no groove, no triplets, no subtle nuances. Nothing much in the way of unexpected, syncopated stabs.

The whole thing is very simple. The guitars are a little too in-the-face with that artificial sound of theirs.

I liked the use of that flanger sfx thing. Suits the style.

eatmeatleet responds:

no idea.


Very cool and chilly. Your music is all about the feel, and this tune is no exception.

I love how you always manage to squeeze quite a lot of complexity (either in the composition or mixing various sounds) into a totally laid back tune. That is quite an achievement.

The use of synths and sfx is artsy and just superb.

One thing: your guitar sounds out of tune to me. It's especially noticeable in the solo that starts at 1:07. It ruined the song for me a bit. It's a shame, since those licks would sound awesome otherwise and your guitar skills are quite something.


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